A Business Science Student?

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Yei that’s me.

What about that though? Let me Introduce myself

I am Joshua Elekwa:

A Science student with a Business Acumen, Social Innovation mindset , Leadership experience and Digital marketing expertise(Specialty Ecommerce marketplace), I am passionate about solving important social problems using social innovation and human-centered design and am working towards completing my Economics Data Analysis & Political Science Degree with Social Innovation minor.
As a curious and strategic thinker with 4+ years business, sales and customer service experience working in agile environments, I profusely seek win-win solutions for all stakeholders. No matter what project, team, initiative or Startup I am working in, I put myself in the customers/employees’ and management’s shoes to create systems and execute tasks efficiently or anticipate problems and create preventative measures.

I am looking forward to achieving all my professional goals and working with my heroes in building sustainable cities that are inclusive and accessible to all communities.
Determined, positive, and motivated individual who takes is comfortable taking initiative. I thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and enjoy working in a high performing team atmosphere. I am an “outside the box” thinker who strives to implement continuous improvements. I take a strategic approach to my work and enjoy working in a fast-paced culture where my opinions are valued and respected.

Outside of my studies, I am an avid learner, business consultant, information (and software/podcast) junkie, international dramas enthusiast, volunteer and integrator. Aside from building sustainable food systems through Aquaponics, my most recent adventure is diving into the world of Ecommerce and Learning Data Analysis for Social Good.