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Joshua Elekwa


Digital, CRO & Data for Social Change

“How might we Leverage or Look Beyond


Data and


to Scale Sustainability and Social Impact Solutions?”

Academic and Professional Background

Joshua is a Supply Chain Management and Mathematics (Data Science) student with experience in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce. As a Philomath, he is passionate about solving important social problems using social innovation and human-centered design.

As a member of MRU Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship ecosystem and Makers Lab, he has worked on several business case competitions such as W.A.C.E, X-Culture and Social Impact Projects with Enactus.org, Vivacity and SDG hubs.

Joshua is currently seeking opportunities to work in building sustainable cities that are inclusive and accessible to all communities, including Data and Operations Research, Business Consulting Internship, SCM work experience or International Development Internship Initiatives.

Notable School Projects and Ventures:

• Food security through sustainable Agriculture and permaculture: Co-Founder SaladBar, SEED

• Building Sustainable Cities: Designed & Coded a platform that curates appropriate tech for WASH NGOs

• Redesigned underutilized Parks in Calgary: Vivacity Challenge

• Ecofriendly Stove Innovation in Kenya and Nepal: Project Stoke => EnactusMRU.ca

• UNAC Green Corps with DeepWaterFarms

• Working to eradicate Homelessness – Cofounder Social Enterprise Ace Family Services

• Inclusion and livelihoods for women – Founder @DVBags collection for new moms

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Joshua Elekwa Interactive Network

As a curious philomath with a mulipotentialte personality, I tend to have multi interests, relationship circles and projects at the same time. My attention tends to rotate through them over a course of 8 – 12 months:

  • Broke Impact Student Income
  • The DiY alternative to scaling businesses
  • Stretch Quest Journal – aka My throttle therapy – Personal development through creative intentional living
  • Sustainable Cities – tech and changemaking looking Beyond the circular economy
  • Discourse Academy – promoting critical thinking by challenging what you know through opposing schools of thoughts and filtering through the WORD