Are Canadians Addicted to Volunteering?

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The volunteer bug and why I volunteer

Why do you want to volunteer?

The only benefit I expect is to be helpful.

Why do you want to volunteer?

I believe this would be a good opportunity for me interact with people across varied cultural, academic and organizational backgrounds who have one common goal to help others in achieving their goals. 

At the same I would be able to offer any organization and its audience my expertise and ideas in the areas that I have gained experience. Any project and team I get to work on/with and its audience can benefit from my Internet / Computer knowledge, writing skills, project management and customer support expertise, and the willingness to do a good job.

What Experience do you have?

Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth(CBFY) = Peer Mentor 

● Worked with CBFY and Rogers Foundation to organize programs that encourage STEM education, ESL Learning and raise anti-bullying campaigns among immigrant students. 

Enactus Mount Royal = Member + Presenter 

● Promote sustainable farming methods, self-sustaining micro businesses skills and preventative air pollution in Calgary and Kenya through Project SEED and Project Stoke. Presented at  and won regional and National awards during international competition for projects. 

Ace Family Services = Founder/ Operating Manager 

● For-profit micro enterprise that employed 5 students and homeless individuals to raise funds for tuition and housing expenses by providing home services and renovations to busy professionals and homeowners. 

Work-integrated Experiences

Gold-medal-winning Urban Revitalization design for underutilized parks, extensive human practices work, founded and exited an ecommerce brand, international team management, civic inclusion initiatives and collaborations with 4 Universities in Alberta 

  • Vivacity 
  • StartupYYC
  • LMG


Deep water Farms = UNAC Green Corp & Brand Ambassador 

● Sustainable food systems using aquaponics; promote year round farming in Alberta ● Raised 30% of $50 000 for project launch, Introduced large greens buyer account 

Superpower Media & World Vision

 ● Business development and managing client relationships 

● Providing Digital publishing, marketing and automation services to local medium level businesses. 

Chartwell Colonel Belcher & Carewest 

 ● Attended the dietary needs of 80 Veterans and Seniors in group homes and residences daily


What kind of professional experience do you have working as a program coordinator?

“I’ve done extensive work in planning programs and managing a wide range of budgets. This included managing team members who were responsible for delivering the programs I planned

What kind of experience do you have working with team members and clients from diverse backgrounds?

Diversity is very important to me. I enjoy working with people from various backgrounds and learning from my clients who come from different economic and ethnic backgrounds.

How do you manage your time when presented with multiple projects with competing deadlines?

I always like to be organized and use a system of calendars and reminders to help me prioritize my tasks to stay on target and meet my deadlines. I also use a productivity system I was part of coding that helps reduce time to complete tasks by 60%

What are your skills and experience in terms of creating proposals and giving presentations? This requires the capacity for honest self-evaluation and the humility to recognize when something goes wrong as well a strong monitoring and evaluation framework to identify when a project is going off course or not meeting established goals.

I regularly presented my past proposals to my supervisors using multimedia presentation tools. This is something that I really enjoy doing because I’m proud of my ideas and it enables my supervisors to see my ideas from every angle in order to make informed, data driven decisions.

How would you handle a situation in which there was difficulty in implementing a program that you designed?

If a program isn’t going as planned, I check my design frameworks and work with the team to see where we can do better.

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