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How to Launch a Course in 30 Days without Audience or Email List (2023 Update)

(This guide was gleaned from Dan Henry’s 30 Day Webinar Presell Course Guide – Funnel Away Challenge) 

Dan is the CEO and founder of and co-founder of LeadOwl. Dan specializes in online ad- vertising for local business, digital products, and coaching. He was able to build a $3 million business in 1 year using 100% paid traffic. 


Day 1 

Since I had almost this EXACT thing happen to me, I’ll walk you through how I did $100,000 my first month on ClickFunnels. I call this the Sold-Out Courses Blueprint. Here we go… 310 

Since I only have 30 days and no money, I won’t be wasting time meditating or any of that jazz. I’ll get right to work immediately be- fore my morning coffee pot has met its end. 

Today is a day of decision making. I’ll start by identifying a skill I have that other people would love to be good at or learn. It could be an extremely small skill or a big one, doesn’t matter. 

I will teach <AUDIENCE> how to get <DESIRE>. I’d then immediately create a Facebook Group mentioning that skill/desire in the name. I’ll use a free graphics program like Canva to create a snazzy cover photo. 

I’d then go to my personal Facebook profile and add a link to the group on my page. Then I’d create a custom cover photo of a call to action (CTA). 

It will need to be centered in the middle so people can see it on both mobile and desktop, something like: “Want to Learn <TOPIC>? Join my free Facebook Group, <GROUP NAME>.” 

Now I’m ready. If anyone comes to my personal profile, they’ll see a huge CTA to join my group immediately. 

(You can see an example by searching “Dan Henry” on Facebook.) Next, I will go join several niche groups containing people who are my target audience. Basically, people who are discussing the skill I based my Facebook Group around. 

This should all get done before lunch. If it takes me longer than that, it means I’m being too picky with the graphics or I am being lazy. So I’ll deny myself lunch until it gets done. 

Eat. Now I’ll record a quick video with my cell phone and post in the group. I’ll make it the pin post welcoming everyone and providing an up-front tip right away. 

Then I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon and evening providing 100% value in the groups I joined. I’ll help people, ask open-ended questions, and keep my comment threads going. 

People will see the value I put out, get curious, click my profile, see the CTA on the cover photo, and go join my group. They’ll probably Friend request me as well. 

chapter 16: Dan henry 

311 312I’ll finish the night by personally welcoming each person into the group. I’ll even send them a welcome message and get to know them a little bit. 

Right before bed, I’ll sign up for a Stripe account so I can accept payments and get that out of the way. 

This is only Day 1. I know that if I stretch this out into a week, I’ll be homeless by next month. So I slap myself in the face and get it done, just like I did last time. 

Days 2–5 

For the next few days, I will continue providing value in other groups and networking. I’ll begin making more value threads in groups and do this until my group has a couple hundred members. 

I already know that I can do this fast, because this is exactly what I did before that got me to $1 million in only five months. 

Day 6 

I wake up, have my coffee, and go straight to Google Forms. I’ll cre- ate a simple Google Form called Free Webinar Survey. I’ll then ask several strategic questions based around what they want to learn (the subject of my group). I’ll ask them what’s holding them back, what obstacles are in their way, and a few other strategic questions. 

I’ll post in my group and personal page, telling everyone I’m think- ing of doing a free e-book or training on my skill set. 

I’ll say, “To make sure the training is awesome, please fill out this survey! I want to cover all your questions on the webinar!” 

I’ll then spend the rest of the day keeping open-ended sub-threads going on this post to keep it at the top of the feed. That’s the secret to engagement. I’ll begin getting answers in my Google Form. This will literally give me everything I need to create all my sales copy, webi- nars, and even my offer. 

Days 7–8 

I’ll continue to promote this survey while writing bullet points of what I’m going to share on this free training. 

I’ll begin by identifying the end result everyone wants to achieve. Then I’ll find out what obstacles are in their way that they think they need to overcome to get that result. I will then find an alternative path to the end result. 

For instance, if people want to learn to be speakers and think they need to network with publicists or agents first, I’d teach them how to land paying speaking gigs even if they don’t have an agent or know anyone in the industry. 

As long as I can identify the desire, and I know I can teach an al- ternative method for the main obstacle that will get them the goal, I know I will make money without a doubt. 

I’ll then sketch out three basic things I will teach. The first one will be the alternative path. The second one will be why this will work for them even if something they have no control over is stopping them. Finally, I will create a secret that covers why they can still do this even if they feel they can’t. This follows the middle part of Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar formula. I’ll follow it much closer later when I refine my webinar, but for now a rough one will do. 

To give an example, one of my courses that has done over $3 million follows this formula… 

• How to easily land digital marketing clients who pay, even if you have no results to show (Obstacle = not having existing client re- sults to help sell their service/alternative path) 

• How to bring in more customers for your clients even if you have never run an ad (Obstacle = not having enough experience/ internal) 

• How to scale to multiple clients even if you have no market- ing budget 

Obstacle = not having money for marketing/external) I won’t worry about a big story or a fancy close. I’ll just throw to- gether some super ugly slides and screenshots in Google Slides. 

By Day 9, this presentation should be ready to go. 

chapter 16: Dan henry 


Day 9 

Now I will announce that the webinar is coming. I’ll put together a super simple live webinar funnel in ClickFunnels. I’ll use YouTube Live as my broadcast software, and I’ll start sending the link out to my group to get registrations. 

I’ll make sure to start my post with “Who wants to join the webi- nar?” That way, people will naturally comment “I do” in the comment box, constantly driving it to the top of the feed. 

I’ll make sure to begin promoting three days out. On the first day, I’ll do a live video in the group teaching a preview of Secret #1. 

Day 10 

I’ll do another live video in the group teaching a preview of Secret #2. I’ll continue promoting the webinar registration. 

Day 11 

I’ll do another live video in the group teaching a preview of Secret #3. I’ll continue promoting the webinar registration. 

Day 12 

Today’s the webinar. I’ll continue hyping it to make sure every- one is aware of it right until the last minute. I’ll get on YouTube Live, embedded into my funnel, and do a super short presentation on my three secrets. I’ll stick to the meat of the presentation. 

If I have time to develop a nice story at the beginning, I will…but if not, I won’t worry about it. A quick two- to three-minute backstory on how I was able to use this alternative method to figure this or that out is fine. 

I’ll teach for about 40 to 45 minutes, and then I’ll make an offer. The offer will be simple. 

I’ll announce that I plan to launch an online course covering in de- tail what I shared on the webinar. However… 

“I’m going to make a special one-time offer right here, right now. If you get in now, you’ll not only get the course for half price, but you’ll also get to take part in a group coaching session. I will person- 314 

ally teach it to you and take all your questions live. I’ll make SURE you understand everything!” 

Because people may not know or trust me yet, I’ll then say that I’m going to offer something better than a refund. I’ll charge them $1 that day but they won’t get charged the full price until 48 hours after the live coaching session. That way, they can try it before they buy. 

If they don’t like it, they can simply send me an email within 48 hours after the training and request to cancel. I’ll cancel the charge and they’ll never even have to pay for it. 

I’ll then make a secondary offer. If they are 100% in and don’t care about the refund guarantee, they can pay in full right then for an ex- tra discount. 

If I get only 10 people to take the offer at $300, I now have $3,000 soon to be in my pocket. 

If I don’t sell a single copy, I will know that there’s something fun- damentally wrong with my offer or niche. I can now put a halt to it right away before I waste too much time. 

If I had spent the entire time creating a program, I would’ve wasted all that time once I discovered no one wanted it. By identifying this potential problem early, I now have time to fix it. 

Days 13–15 

Given my experience and the fact that I’ve already done this suc- cessfully, I know I’ll make at least 10 sales ($3,000). 

The coaching session is in a few days. I’ll spend those few days com- ing up with very quick and ugly bullet-point slides to teach my people. 

Day 16 

Now it’s time for the group coaching session. I will do it on a private YouTube Live link where I can see questions in the chat box. 

I’ll begin teaching each lesson doing the best I can to make what I’m teaching clear. Then at the end of the lesson, I will ask for questions. I’ll answer each question thoroughly and completely. 

If I feel that people didn’t totally get what I was trying to teach, I will mark that lesson as needing revision. I will redo the lesson for 

chapter 16: Dan henry 


them 100% free on a different day after revising my work to make sure that they’ll love it. I’ll complete the group coaching session and ask for feedback. 

If feedback is overwhelmingly positive, I’ll bring them on camera and ask for an on-the-spot testimonial. They will be super hyped, so the testimonial will be good. 

Boom. Now I have social proof, and it’s only been two weeks. 

Days 17–18 

I’ll now have a five- to eight-hour video file from my group coaching day. Over the next two days, I will mark out where each lesson should begin and end, notate any mistakes to get cut. 

When the day comes for everyone to get charged, I’ll make sure all the charges go through. If anyone wants to cancel, I will cancel their charge and get some feedback from them. 

If I do everything correctly, I should get few or no cancellation re- quests. I only got one the last time I did this, and it was simply because the guy didn’t have any money. At this point, I will have at least $2,600 in my pocket. However, the first time I did it, I had close to $4,000. 

Before bed, I’ll create an account on Fivver or Upwork and hire someone to edit my lessons. I’ll send them the time-based edit docu- ment I made and let them work. That should cost me no more than $500. I’ll continue to promote my group. 

Day 19 

I’ll use the questions, pain points, and feedback from the coach- ing session to create a free PDF report. I’ll also work on my live webi- nar funnel. 

Once I get the videos back from the video editor, I will load them into a membership portal inside of ClickFunnels. I’ll also upload the end-of-coaching-session testimonials to YouTube. 

Days 20–24 

Since I now have money in my pocket, I’ll run my first Facebook Ad offering to give away a free cheat sheet. I’ll funnel them into my 316 

Facebook Group on the last page and in the welcome email. I’ll spend about $1,000 on ads for the cheat sheet. This should get me 800 to 1,000 people on my email list and in my group over the next week. 

I’ll create live videos and hype up my group over the next several days. These videos will direct them to a registration page for a new live webinar. This webinar will be more refined and have a complete offer stack with an order page at the end. 

Day 25 

I’ll run the webinar and make the offer. I’ll tell them if they want to get into the private group, they need to post in my free group and say, “Hey, Dan, I just bought the course. Please add me to the stu- dent group.” 

I will screen-share the live feed of the group during the offer pitch and actually show the “I just bought” posts live! 

This will cause extreme mob mentality and a buying spree. This is exactly how I did $50,000 for my very first webinar. I created a mob mentality although I barely had a list. 

Days 26–28 

I’ll schedule an encore webinar and promote the heck out of it for the next several days. I’ll keep my cheat sheet ad running. 

Day 29 

I should be able to pull $30,000–$50,000 out of this initial webinar and another $30,000– $50,000 a week later with an encore. 

This brings me to (or close to) a six-figure month, starting from nothing. 

I know this is possible because this is exactly what I did when I hit $100,000 my first month on ClickFunnels. 

Day 30 

Two years ago, this day would have involved adult beverages and many shenanigans not appropriate for this book. 

But today, I will take my wife and newborn son out on a nice private 

chapter 16: Dan henry 


yacht cruise and enjoy the fruits of my labor with my family. 

Since creating a multimillion-dollar online education business, I’ve begun coaching other entrepreneurs to achieve similar goals. 

The #1 thing I tell every one of them is this… “If there is an audience willing to learn something for free, there will always be someone willing to pay for more. You only need 1% to become a millionaire and change the world at the same time.” 

Dan Henry 

Final THoughts 


• Canva ( 

• Fiverr ( 

• Google Form 

• Google Slides 

• Stripe ( 

• Upwork ( 

• YouTube Live 

• Online Course ClickFunnels Template ( coursefunnel) 318 

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