The Rise of Social Intrapreneurship

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I believe in The 7 Figure Employee.

4 years ago M-Pesa surpassed the likes of Cashapp and Venmo in the financial industry at the bottom of the pyramid markets. A more detailed look into the origin of M-Pesa reignited in me a vision, call it a dream(Think & Grow Rich) of the future of employees and the hybrid workspace.

Imagine a world where employees did not rely on the their ‘jobs’ for a living and companies paid less benefits but invested in their employees.

Let me explain.

Joshua Elekwa

Digital Analyst & Social Intrapreneur

Work can, and should be, more than ‘just a job’; it can be a fulfilling means to making the world a better place. Social intrapreneurism, I believe, is a gateway to an entirely new way of doing business: creating value, not just for investors, but for society as a whole. Businesses need to be recognized for what they truly are—not isolated entities operating in bubbles but value-generating (and potentially value-destroying) communities, interconnected with the wider world through networks of employees, suppliers, customers and others.

We look forward to a future era in which it will be commonplace for inventive minds to design products and services that not only are commercially profitable but also address the world’s most pressing social, environmental and economic challenges.

Take for example a more recent inspirational example from VaynerX and Gary V: Resy(not many articles about it yet, but came to find out about it through a podcast -don’t ask me I cant remember).

Don’t even get me started about the League of Intrapreneurs(Yes, I took the pledge-its already what I do and what sets me apart from my peers no matter the job I am doing), Intrapreneurship Conference or even a Course about it by Ashoka!

I’ll be the first to echo what Elias(Marketing Director Google Uk back in the day) said…”Not another word to try to capture the breadth and depth define what we do”

To be continued….

That’s only a part of it.

For 7 Figure Employee, intrapreneurs are not only equipped to produce outcome, everyone in the company is given the opportunity to participate in this new form of “The employee owned” business model(not new just an underground hybrid business model now becoming popular). They either participate by leveraging and honing existing skills or build/learn new skills. They all benefit in the profits/impact(financially is almost always best) of this said startup or imitative.

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